Welcome to Total Xpression, your source for everything related to: web design, search engine optimization, Branding and video productions. We strive to provide the very best service, with a focus on determination, customer service and very distinctive differences.

The TotalXpression idea originated at the end of 2019 and is a collaboration of professionals in web design, online branding and video productions. We noticed that in addition to a good beautiful website and design, clients often also needed branding, or a company video and vice versa. In those cases, this meant for them investment of extra time, money and energy because they often had to sit down with several parties. That meant again getting to know each other, discussing wishes and vision.

That is why we decided to merge all these services. That’s where the name, "Total Xpression" comes from. Advantages for you are: 1 x explaining your wishes, 1 point of contact, more overview, saving time and avoid extra costs. The advantages for us are: Efficient coordination for the desired end result. We can offer much more and think along.


No large office, no management or secretary, no overhead costs. In addition, you only pay for the person or persons required for the project. For a basic company website with a unique look, custom design, On-site SEO and responsive on all devices, Just 1 person is needed.

If you are curious about what Total Xpression can do for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

Web design or Web development

  • CMS Website design
  • FrontPage Design
  • Custom coded website
  • Basic website or advanced
  • What are your wishes?

SEO for findability on the internet

  • On-site SEO
  • Off-site SEO
  • Backlinks
  • Site audits
  • SEO

Audiovisual Productions

  • Videoproductions based on your wishes and needs
  • For the preference target group
  • Promotion film, advertising or presentation
  • For the internet and your website

Complete package with corporate identity

  • The website focused on your activities
  • Corporate identity design based on your activities
  • Logo design
  • Business cards design


Our Skills

HTML 85%
CSS 75%
JavaScript 75%
jQuery 70%
Ajax 90%
PHP 94%
Laravel 85%
CMS 75%
WordPress 75%
Photoshop 60%

Step 1

We collect all information

Step 2

We make a proposal

Step 3

We start on the project